Authors are requested to check the formatting of the paper prior to final submission. A paper will appear in the proceedings if at least one of the authors of the accepted paper registers before the registration deadline and presents the paper (online). IEEE reserves the right to exclude an accepted paper from distribution after the conference, including exclusion from IEEE Xplore, if the submission does not meet IEEE standards for scope and/or quality. Articles excluded from further distribution shall be archived by IEEE but shall not be indexed or appear on IEEE Xplore.

The final camera-ready paper is due on November 10, 2023.

Please follow the following steps to finalize the camera-ready version of your paper:

Final Manuscript Instructions

Step 1: Final Paper Preparation

  1. You are requested to revise your manuscript carefully according to the comments of the reviewers and do thorough proofreading of the manuscript to confirm that it will require no revision.
  2. Prepare your manuscript using the standard IEEE conference templates available via this link:
  3. Similar to the initial submission, the following criteria must be followed
    • Paper length: Maximum 6 pages including all figures, tables, and references
    • Allowable file size: 2 MB
    • Paper Size: US Letter or A4
    • · At this stage, the authors must include their names, affiliations, postal addresses, and email addresses in the paper.
  1. Insert header and footer on the first page of your paper as follows:

Header (top left side)

2023 IEEE 9th International Women in Engineering (WIE) Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (WIECON-ECE)

Footer (bottom left side)

979-8-3503-1965-1/23/$31.00 ©2023 IEEE

  1. Your final submission should be renamed as PID.pdf
  1. Page limit: 4-6 pages (including all figures, tables, and references. Under any circumstances cannot exceed the limit of 6 pages)

Plagiarism and Multiple Submissions: WIECON ECE 2023 will strictly follow IEEE policies for plagiarism and multiple submissions.

You need to check the similarity report and reduce the similarity of your paper below 30%. The conference committee will not be able to process your paper if the similarity is more than 30%.


The final camera-ready pdf file of your paper must be IEEE Xplore Compatible. You may convert your paper from your source application format to Xplore-compatible PDF by using IEEE PDF eXpress

In brief, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. First-time users should create an IEEE PDFeXpress® account, entering basic contact information; and getting confirmation of account creation email.
  2. Login to IEEE PDFeXpress using the following info:
    • 60392X for the Conference ID
    • Your registered email address
    • Your password
  1. Once you log in:
    • Upload the source file that contains your paper for conversion
    • Receive by email the IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF of your paper
  2. Next, you need the camera-ready pdf file that is generated from the IEEE PDF eXpress or passed by the PDF eXpress compliant checking). 
  3. Please along with the IEEE PDF eXpress compliant pdf file preserve a copy of the compliance message from PDF eXpress which needs to be submitted during your registration. The submitted proof should be renamed as PID_pdfeXpress.pdf.

Step 3: Camera Ready Submission

Login to your Microsoft CMT Author system:

Upload your final camera-ready PDF file of the paper by clicking the “Create Camera Ready Submission” field shown in the “Actions” Column of the Author Console and submit your final camera-ready through the system.


  • All submissions must have no password protection on the PDF file, and all fonts must be embedded.
  • All submitted papers must be written in English.

Step 4: Electronic IEEE Copyright Submission

Step 5: Registration

Please check registration details here and do your registration in order to participate in the WIECON ECE 2023.

Authors are required to register and pay their registration fee by NOVEMBER 10, 2023.